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Broadway High School

"Hello there! We’d like to interrupt your life of blissful study to introduce ourselves. We are Snoop and Scoop, twin cub-reporters. We have been given the honor of reviewing the outstanding events of '44 with you."

With its tabloid-esque layout of newspaper clippings and photos, purportedly collected by the yearbook’s unofficial duo of mascots, “Snoop” and “Scoop,” the style of the 1944 SEALTH yearbook of Broadway High School in Seattle, Washington is more fun than it is informative. However, from the cartoon illustrations of exhausted students toiling in Victory Gardens to a story of a successful bond drive to raise money to purchase a Jeep, Broadway High School students were clearly active in supporting the war; even if the presentation of these efforts – such as the cartoon on the front and rear pages – is sometimes portrayed in more light-hearted tones. Look at the two-page cartoon on the final two pages of the 1944 SEALTH yearbook: what do you think is meant to be depicted by these images?

Broadway High School

From the Collection of The National WWII Museum

Things to look for:

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