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Westport High School

"This book is our modest effort to capture for you a memorable year at Westport, a year torn by conflict and swept by mixed emotions, a year which, at long last, is pointing the way to victory and peace."

Like many other yearbooks, the Westport Herald from Westport High School in Kansas City, Missouri sought to present a book-bound portrait of a year in the life of its student body. Like many other yearbooks, the effects of WWII are evident and numerous. However, unlike most yearbooks, the 1944 Herald also included in its pages the school’s weekly newspaper, The Crier. With this week-by-week supplement, the portrait of the 1944 school year with all its various events and activities emerges much more clearly, as does the effects of the war within the Westport student population. What are some examples of the War’s effects on student life that are detailed in the Westport Crier, but left out of the Herald yearbook?

Westport High School

Gift of Mr. Holly E. Rees, Class of 1944

Things to look for:

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Major WWII Vocabulary:

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