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Kenmore Senior High School

"To the parents of the boys who have made the supreme sacrifice in this war, I extend my heartfelt sympathy. These boys were among the pioneers in the battle for freedom and democracy. I cherish the memory of these lads when they were a part of our student body."

These are the words which begin the Kenmore Senior High School’s 1945 Kentorial yearbook on page twenty-seven; they follow twenty-six pages of names and photos of former Kenmore students currently serving in the armed forces, as well as those that have been killed in action or taken as prisoners of war. The intrusion of WWII into student life is seen prominently throughout the ’45 Kentorial, including portraits of The Big Three – including Soviet leader Joseph Stalin – watching over the school’s Student Council. However, there is also much space given over to thoughts of the future – some quite fanciful, such as images of traveling to work in 1975 via personal helicopters! If you were making predictions about the coming technological advances of the next thirty years, what would some of them be?

Kenmore Senior High School

From the Collection of The National WWII Museum

Things to look for:

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Major WWII Vocabulary:

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