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Student Webinar

See You Next Year! High School Yearbooks from WWII

Prom, glee club, football—all elements of a typical high school yearbook. But what about victory gardens, civil defense clubs, and purchasing war bonds? By flipping the pages of a high school yearbook from the 1940s, students today can catch a glimpse of what their counterparts were doing on the Home Front and how the war impacted and affected their daily lives. Join the Museum for a special webinar as we examine wartime primary source yearbooks from across the country and launch the Museum's latest website "See You Next Year! High School Yearbooks from WWII." During the program, students will explore an array of yearbooks from state to state, discover the tools to do primary source research, and be inspired to delve into history and discover a past yearbook on their own.

Perfect for grades 7-12. This webinar took place on March 27, 2014. The recording is now available free of cost.

Watch the Recording of this Webinar!

See You Next Year! High School Yearbooks from WWII
For Students in Grades 7 - 12 and Their Teachers

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