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Roger Ludlowe High School

“As we finally received our admittance cards to Success Airport and walked down the runway, we were obliged to admit that true to our motto, ‘What I am to be I am now becoming,’ had truly materialized in each of our passengers.”

Using the analogy of a journey to chart their four year school career, graduates of the class of 1944 of Ruger Ludlowe High School in Fairfield, Connecticut did not describe themselves as students in the pages of their Fairfieldana yearbook, but rather as ‘passengers.’ In addition, from the many pages dedicated to last will prophecies and advertisements concerning jobs and opportunities for returning veterans, it seemed many in Fairfield saw their war journey coming to an end. What other clues do you perceive that WWII is progressing in the United States’ favor?

Roger Ludlowe High School

From the Collection of The National WWII Museum

Things to look for:

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Major WWII Vocabulary:

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