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Waco High School

"Shadows cast by an armada of airplanes flown by free men, who, if necessary, will give their lives to preserve that freedom..."

Almost every empty space of nearly every single page in the 1944 Waco High School Daisy Chain bristles with military images. Victory V’s, planes, paratroopers, dive-bombers, senior portraits with military aircraft – even advertisements from the local Texas Power & Light Company encouraging readers to purchase war bonds to help ‘keep ‘em flying.’ All of these images instantly convey to the reader that America’s fight in WWII was the single most important event in the lives of students in Waco, Texas in 1944. Read the two student poems ‘A Vision’ and ‘Victory’ included in 1944 Daisy Chain: are students optimistic or pessimistic about the war effort?

Waco High School

From the Collection of The National WWII Museum

Things to look for:

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Major WWII Vocabulary:

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