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Prescott High School

"Our biggest job is to prepare for the future so that we, and those who follow us, may live in a world free from want, fear and hunger. It is our job to keep those who have a lust for the power of destruction from destroying peace and throwing all mankind back into the dark ages."

The totals of the 1944 graduating class of Prescott High School in Prescott, Arizona numbered 90 people – 53 girls and 37 boys. Prescott High's 1944 Hassayamper yearbook presents all the events and remembrances of the class year through a mock journey of the school’s mascot: Budgy The Badger. Throughout the pages of the Hassayamper, Budgy 'goes out for the team,' 'hits the high points' and catches some students 'off guard.' However, this playfulness is balanced off against the harsh realities of war. Why does Prescott High's service flag bear nine stars and what do they represent for the school?

Prescott High School

Gift of Mr. Holly E. Rees, Class of 1944

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Major WWII Vocabulary:

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